About me

About me

I come from a family always stressing the need to travel and broaden one´s horizons . As a small child with my parents I travelled to all countries accessible for us at that time, we even managed to visit other destinations „uncommon“ for that period. Pretty early I started to travel on my own, which after managing my primary stress taught me to find my way in foreign places and obviously I began to learn languages. My first much-loved destination was France, I was enchanted by this country and this enchantment still lasts. I´ve experienced all kinds of stays and holidays in France, from idleness on the beach and wandering in Paris, to working in a restaurant, as an au-pair and last but not least as a volunteer.

At present I live with my husband, two children, two dogs, a rabbit, a guinea pig and fish. Travelling is our hobby and I also want my kids to know that travelling is awesome, full of experiences and notably enriching. We travel a lot, whereas our travels are divided into several “groups“ , e.g. travelling just with my husband (we´re trying to do this at least twice a year) and we prefer cities (big cities and metropolises ) we haven´t visited yet . We don´t travel through travel agencies, we study all available facts and we go. When we were younger, we were like crazy longing to see all sights and museums. Today ....I love new places, cafés , restaurants with local specialties and wine or simply sitting and watching local people and choosing one or two interesting sights to visit.

If we travel with our children, the entire travel is more or less customized to their needs, so they could make it not to be tired and annoyed and enjoyed the travel. I believe when they grow up, they´ll be great teammates for any trip or journey. I have yet to mention travelling with our pets....it´s a beauty to travel altogether, we have to book accommodation offering enough space but notably with a close pet-run for our darlings (I´d love you to see inside our car .....not to say about skiing trips). And as all proper travellers, they´ve already been at the seaside and tried the plane.

Our common TOP holiday this time is a summer holiday stay in Mallorca, which we enjoy to the fullest. Two months at the seaside that´s relax, joy and rest for all of us and obviously getting to know new corners of the island. I love the morning sea air, swimming early in the morning, preferably when kids are asleep. And because I´m trying to run a bit in Bratislava, I believe one day I´ll be able to do it in summer as well and feel the endorphins like in the movies. View of the sea....that´s what matters most to me.

As a conclusion I´ll just say that I´m a traveller enjoying all kinds of travelling....sea, sun, hiking, skiing, sighseeing....in one word everything new connected with interesting people and experiences.