Experience Mallorca

Experience Mallorca


Mallorca inside reminds of Emmenthal cheese. It is riddled with a karst system and is a paradise for lovers of caves. The most famous are the caves of Drach and Hams with underground lakes and beautiful stalactite decoration. Concerts are held here combined with a lights show.

Archaeological sites

If you consider the remains of Roman, Mauri or Gothic monuments to be very modern, you can visit the monumental prehistoric sites in the northeast of the island. The most remarkable include Ses Paisses de Artà. Also you can take the trip to Mallorca prehistoric times combined with cycling. 

Boat trips, diving, coves and islands

Coast of Mallorca is ideal for boat trips and scuba diving. Virtually all types of sea vessels can be used on the island of Mallorca, through motor boats, catamarans, sailboats, motor yachts and also the huge cruise ships stopping by at Port of Palma.

There is the tiny archipelago of Cabrera near the shores of Mallorca, which is a paradise for divers. There is an exceptionally well preserved marine ecosystem, you can meet sea turtles and dolphins here.

Large parts of the islands are only accessible by boat, but you will be able to visit inaccessible coves and caves directly from the sea. Cabrera Archipelago National Park spreads on the islands, you can find the Medieval castle here and see for yourself the touching history of the islands.


If you see the world through golf holes, then Mallorca will become your second home. Sea, Mediterranean sun, mountains, luscious green lawns, impeccable service, beautiful views, a large number of golf clubs , each hit becomes an unforgetable experience in Mallorca. Golf in Mallorca, that is unrepeatable combination of nature, luxury, style and sports all in one.

Cycling and hiking

Mallorca is quite a small island with beautiful nature, so it is perfect for cycling tours and hiking. It is an ideal place for active holidays for recreational and even able-bodied athletes.

Cyclists can choose from the simpliest routes along the coast and lowlands, to the most challenging mountain trails. You will explore beautiful nature of the island, wonderful monuments, local gastronomy and traditions on each of the trails.

Hikers and climbers can enjoy themselves in the Tramuntana mountains. These hiking trails have originated in the earliest times when they had been used by charcoal burners or smugglers.


Agritourism is one of the best ways to become familiar with the island of Mallorca, with the way of its rural life, local traditions and gastronomy. The island offers a great ammount of farm style accomodation called finca, providing a rich program of activities in rural areas. 

This type of holidays is ideal for families with children and also for active relax combined with exploring local culture and traditions. Thanks to agroturism you will experience the authentic Mallorca, remote from the glitz of large tourist centers and resorts. 

Rural settlements provide different types of activities like sports, discovering the original agricultural production, ecotourism, opportunity to join folk festivals, the vintage and other activities common with rural life.

On the island of Mallorca you can see the orange and almond groves blossom, take part in harvesting the olives, see how traditional varieties of domestic animals are farmed, taste the homemade wine, olive oil, sausages and delicious sweets. And all this combined with a beautiful nature and typical rural architecture.


Combination of the sea, farming pigs and Mediterranean cuisine, that is the gastronomy of Mallorca.

Seafood, vegetables, pork and olive oil are the essentials of Majorcan cuisine.

Typical meals include smoked meat, especially sobrasada, rice dishes, stew meat, fish and seafood, bread with olive oil, ensaimada cake, sweet buñuelos donuts and other goodies. Great food can be drunk away with local wines, and do not forget to taste the orange liqueur from the village of Sóller.

Season Holidays

As in all of Spain, also in Mallorca there is a great number of holidays and folk festivals. In addition to Christian holidays such as Christmas, Easter and patrons holidays, there is still a variety of other harvest celebrations and of course pig slaughters.

Holidays in Palma usually last from Advent until the end of January. Then carnivals and Easter holidays follow. In Mallorca you will get a feeling that there is nothing which couldn´t have its own fiesta.

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Ses Paisses de Artà

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